Foreclosure Prevention Chicago

Foreclosure Defenses Network is a group of professionals that have become consumer advocates throughout the foreclosure crisis. The results people are striving for when requesting a mortgage modification simply are not coming true. People are begging lenders for help and still a foreclosure complaint is often filed against them.  We knew there had to be a better way and hoped that there were others that felt as we did.  We were blessed to become a part of a growing movement that is doing what is right for homeowners. We have spent countless hours and interviews with every kind of professional from attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, realtors, mortgage auditors, and credit repair specialists to find a group that we felt were truly working for the people, not the benefit of the lenders.

There are very few attorneys around the country that have retrained, researched and become foreclosure defense attorneys. We were fortunate enough to find a select few and continue to look for more daily that we feel confident in referring our clients to. We have spent almost a year putting together a group of other professionals that can help someone that is a part of the housing crisis get back on track and accomplish their goals for their family’s future.
We have created a place where:
- You don’t have to pay someone to get independent and informed advice.
- You can figure out if it makes sense to stay in your home or 'walk away.'
- You can create a strategy that will enable you to 'buy time' while you get back on your feet financially.
- You can go to ONE PLACE to learn about all of the different strategies and combination of strategies that can help.
- You don’t have to feel “sold” by someone who is trying to convince you that their way is the “only” way.
- You can hear about solutions that put you in control of the process, and give you the time you need to act calmly.

Our Attorneys are specialized in Foreclosure Defense:
What does this mean to you?
One less thing to worry about because:
- we’re not going to miss anything. We know exactly what we’re looking for, so if there are mistakes in your mortgage document, we’ll find them.
- we’ll explore all of your legal options.
- we’ll make sure you get the best solution.
We speak Polish and Spanish as well as English. So our attorneys can help you in your native language.

Disclaimer: Foreclosure Defenses Network does not advocate anyone missing their mortgage payments and is not encouraging anyone to stop paying their mortgages.